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Components of the Proposed Software: Faculty Loading

I dont know if this part is needed on other thesis format. I just want to share this sample on chapter 4 of thesis. This was made by IT Student for their proposed thesis entitled “E Faculty Loading”. Ask your thesis adviser if you need this kind of part on chapter 4.

Components of the Proposed Software: Faculty Loading

Components of the Proposed Software

The following are the incorporated components in the proposed software, giving an overview of features and functions included to increase the usability and functionality of the software.

General Features. The main function of the proposed software is faculty scheduling.

Menu Driven. The software provides an onscreen list of available functions through buttons which is organized in tabs for easier navigation.

Button Driven. The system provides a list of choices for the user through the use of mouse and keyboard.

User-Friendliness. The interface of the software is designed to be simple and easily understandable so that the users can use it efficiently.

Software Functions. The main objective of the proposed system is to load faculty members.

Software Inputs and Outputs. The software inputs and outputs can be explained using Input-Process-Output, Visual Table of Contents and Class Diagram. (See Appendix D, E, F )

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