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How to write chapter 5 of a thesis: Basic Guide

This is the final or the last part of your thesis writings. In this chapter you will enumerate all of your findings throughout the whole research period. Your panelist will also look at this chapter to see if you achieve all of your objectives in your study.

Before you can proceed on this part be sure that you finished your chapter 3. This guide may help you “How to write chapter 4 of thesis“.

You can also ask your thesis adviser for the complete guide about this chapter. Remember that your thesis adviser is your friend in this subject. Follow these tips to have success in your chapter 5 thesis writings.


Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Summary of findings
  1. This will describe all of your findings, the problems on your study and your research design. I will recommend making this a paragraph form instead of enumeration or in number format.
  2. Present all of the problems.
  3. Present the results of your hypothesis or assumption.
  • Conclusions
  1. These are generalized and brief statements in answer to each sub problems exist on your study.
  2. These must also contain generalized relation to the population you used on your study.
  3. I recommend also using paragraph form rather than enumeration form.
  • Recommendations
  1. These part should be based on the findings and conclusion of your study.
  2. Recommendation can be used in two ways. This may be generalized or specific but you can consider both.
  3. You can include suggestion for the future studies.
  4. Should not contain non technical language or words.
  5. These statements must be workable, flexible, feasible, doable and adaptable.
  6. Plan your recommendation.

These are the basic guide on how you can write your chapter 5 of your thesis. You can also use this guide on research paper, baby thesis, case studies and term papers.

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