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How to write chapter 4 of a thesis: Basic Guide

The title of chapter 4 is “Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data”. This guide will help you understand how to write your chapter 4 that can pass your oral defense. All of the proponents and researchers are having hard time on making their chapter 4 because this is the most difficult part of thesis writings. In this section of your thesis you will present all of the results of your study. This is the most difficult part to defend because this is where your panel focus to ask questions about the results of your study.

Before you can continue in this guide you must finish your chapter 3. If you do not know how to make your own chapter 3 you can visit this article entitled “How to write chapter 3 of a thesis: Basic Guide“.

Chapter 4: Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

  • Presentation of Data
  1. The data may be analyzed qualitative or quantitative depending on the number of dimensions and variables and depending on the level of measurement used in the study.
  2. Avoid table reading. Analyze and give meaning to data presented in the table.
  3. State any statistical description in a declarative sentences.

  • Correlation
  1. State the results whether its positive or negative.
  2. State the level of correlation
  3. Must make decision
  4. Indicate the level of Significance.
  • Differences of Measures
  1. State all the obtained statistical results in your study.
  2. Must make decision.
  3. Indicate the level of significance like in correlation.
  • Interpretation of Data
  1. Must have interconnection between the data.
  2. Check if the hypothesis/assumption are supported by your results or data.
  3. Link your present findings with any previous study in your chapter 2.
  4. You must use parallel observation and give credence presented in introduction
  5. Draw out implications

This is the end guide of chapter 4. I wish you understand all of the given data and guides here for your success in your thesis, case study, research paper and term paper writings.

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