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How to write chapter 3 of a thesis: Basic Guide

Writing chapter 3 is the most easiest part in thesis, research paper, case study and term paper writings. This will become easy because you will just tell or enumerate what happen to your thesis writings. You will use some of research methods and design and then enumerate them how does this research methods helps you and how do you use it. Do not get the description of the research method that you used! You must relate it in your study and how does this method helps you to continue about your topic. Before you continue to this chapter you must finish your chapter 1 and chapter 2. If you need guide for chapter 1 please go to this article “How to write chapter 1 of a Thesis: Basic Guide” and chapter 2 to this article “ How to write chapter 2 of a thesis: Basic Guide“.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

Research Design

  • You must choose the best research design that will fit to your study or to your topic. This part must be specific.

Sources of Data

  • Describe the locale of the study.

Locale of the Study

  • Describe the place where your study was conducted and how this help you to finishied your study. Also include the rationale behind that place where you conducted your study.

Population Sampling

  • Describe the population where you conducted your study, how many respondents?

Instrumentation and Data Collection

  • Describe what instrument do you used, what it will measure, how does this instruments interpret data, how this instruments used.
  • Discuss the instruments validity and reliability. Specify how many percent does this tools have.
  • Give details and instructions how you gathered your data.
  • State any qualifications of informants that you used in your study.

Tools for Data Analysis

  • Determine and you must justify the statistical solution for each problem
  • Determine and justify the values of results that you get from the test.

This is the end of the basic guide on how to write your chapter 3 entitled Research Methodology. You can use this guide to your case study, research paper, term paper and thesis. If you have any question please leave a comment and don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you!


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