How to write chapter 1 of a Thesis: Basic Guide

How to writer chapter 1 of the thesis? This is the mainly question on every researcher. In every thesis writing, some of the people say that the first part will be the most difficult part. Because here you must think of a topic that you can proposed and in this chapter you must conceptualize your whole thesis or your whole research. The whole research will be reflected by the first chapter. Some of the school have different format than other school so please use this guide for your references. Be sure to check out the Attributes of a Good Thesis before you start and check out the basic parts of the thesis also.

This can also serve as your guide for your case study, research paper, and term paper. This will help you to understand the chapter 1 of your school paper works.

Chapter 1: Introduction also includes the following:

  • Introduction

This must include introduction of your study. You must tackle the field of your study.  Your introduction must be consisting of 1-2 pages only.

  • Background of the Study

This must include some of the past study that is currently connected to your topic or study. You can include some of the history but it must be 2-3 lines only.

  • Rationale

This section must describe the problem situation considering different forces such as global, national and local forces.  Stating some the existence of the problem included in your topic.

  • Objectives of the study

The objective of your study it will mainly focus on the question “Why do you proposed that study?” or the result that you want to achieve in that study. There are two kinds of the objectives of the study the general objectives which is the general objective of your study why do you propose them. And the specific study which will tackle the small objective in your study.

  • Hypothesis (only Optional)

It must express some of the relations between different variables according to your study.  The hypothesis must be desirable and measureable.

Statement of the problem

The problem must reflect to your title or the readers must know your problem by just simply reading your topic. The problem must not answerable by yes or no and must be arranged in the flow of your documentation or study.

  • Scope and Delimitation

The scope is the mainly cover of your study and the Delimitation is the limitation of your study or topic.

  • Importance of the study or Significance of the study

This section will state the contribution of your study and the usefulness of your study in the society.

  • Definition of terms

The definition of terms must be arranged in alphabetically. It must be also stated if you used your definition of terms in technically or operationally.

Operational Definition of terms – The meaning will be based on your study. How do you use that word in your study?

Technical Definition of terms– The meaning will be based on the dictionary.

Now you know the basic parts and the basic guide how to write a chapter 1 of a thesis. Start your thesis or  your research paper now! Goodluck.

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Scope is the main cover of your study, delimitation is the range or the boundaries of your study.

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