Submit! Submit your thesis to become future reference.

What is thesis or dissertation?

A good and strong thesis is a statement that declares what you believe and what you intend to prove in your study. This is also a statement in an essay that  is in expanded form that you are planning to support, discuss and prove through different kinds of methods. This is a formal and must be an interesting topic about your idea and want you intend to prove, it must pass some of the attributes and characteristics to have a strong foundation that will guide you in making your thesis in way that you will success. Some of schools require this is as a partial fulfillment of requirements on your subject  or sometimes it is the key to your diploma. A thoughtful research project is a must when you are making your thesis because this is a simple retelling of facts that you gathered.

You must focus on the data and information you gathered on your resources and focus only on your topic or on idea that you intend to prove. Do not rush your thesis! You cannot make a thesis night before the submission of it. A college thesis requires more time to finish and extensive writing and studying that you want to intend to prove to your professors or instructors. You must do a lot of background reading and study your topic to know your subject enough to identify your key questions in your thesis. Your study must stand on any issue based on your evidences, data and information that you gathered. Thesis does not end, you must continue to refine your study until certain evidences leads to what you intend to prove.

You need to follow this characteristics or attributes to make a successful and have a strong foundation in your thesis. Good luck about your thesis.

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