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Thesis: Preliminary Parts

This is thesis Preliminary parts. This is the addons on your thesis to make it more beautiful and more appealing. This will also help the reader to know about you and to your study.

Some of the case study, term paper and research paper doesn’t have this but in some school their require this parts.

1. Title Page

DEFINITION: This includes the author’s name, title, date of the study and name of university.

2. Acknowledgement

Things like thanks to people who have helped you along the way you can put in a separate foreword.

3. Dedication

Person that you want to dedicate the study that you made.

4. Abstract

DEFINITION: A concise summary of the research topic. This should include methods and final results of the research paper. Think it is like for the librarian.

Abstract (tiivistelmä) could be described as thesis-in-miniature. Condense the most important topics of your thesis to 200-300 words and you have the abstract. By reading the abstract people should be able to decide whether they should read the full thesis or not. The abstract ought to be self-contained (leave references and cross-references out) and not contain anything that isn’t already in the thesis.

5. Table of Contents

This will be the guide of your reader on your study. Readers can easily look the page that they want to look. This must be accurate.

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