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Sample: Theoretical Framework

In this part of chapter 1 of your study you must know how existing system works. To be able to do a good conceptual framework you must know how your theoretical framework works. This is where you will analyze some of the factors that might affect the result of your study. In this sample theoretical framework, computer science student analyze how their existing system works and after that he analyze and then made their conceptual framework. This sample used the IPO or the Input Process Output Model. This is only a sample of theoretical framework please do not copy this.


Theoretical Framework

This section provides the theories guide of the possible completion of the study. This is how the existing manual system works. This will help the proponents to identify the how the existing system works and how can the proponents improve it.  The theory of Input- Process- Output diagram.

(Figure 3.0)

Manual System Input – Process – Output of the Existing Game

In this existing system, the Input- Process – Output is illustrated in a manual way. The existing system also shows that the player can move the piece by holding that certain piece where the players wants to place it before the move has been made after that the spectator will check what piece will win and if the piece will retain or will be remove on the board. This process is continual until the time that one player is lose via capturing his flag or conquering is base via opponents flag. The other player cannot see the other player pieces. Only the spectator can see the two side pieces.


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