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Sample Rationale

This is a sample of rationale that used on undergraduate thesis. In this part of chapter 1 you must state why did you chose that topic. What will the benefit of that topic to the researcher and for the future researcher. Computer science student is the one who made this sample rationale. They used this rationale to complete their college degree requirements. Please do not copy this. This is only a sample and guide how can you construct your own rationale that will fit to your study. Please make your own rationale or just make citation about this website or the author of this undergraduate thesis.



The proponents chose to do the study for the reason that in doing so; hopefully, it will help the proponents to learn in the field of two dimensional game development and making advance program for the future use. This will also modernize the old board game, the Games of the General.

Salpakan will be developed in order to modernize the old game that is old and played in manual way. This will help the game to cope with the technology used today. Like other board games that already have their computerized system, Games of the General needs to be computerized. With such interest, the proponents must successfully accomplish the things required to complete the proposed software.


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