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Sample: Conceptual Framework

This is only a sample conceptual framework of a thesis. This is a partial requirements of a computer science student to obtain his college degree. In this part of chapter 1, you must conceptualize your whole study. This is the hardest part of chapter 1 because the whole flow of your study must start here. In order to make a good conceptual framework you must do some research and you must have an idea about your study. You cannot make a good conceptual framework if you do not even know what your topic is all about. Please do not copy this. This is only a sample.


Conceptual Framework

The picture below will visualizes the imagination of the proponents on the process activity of the proposed game.

(Figure 4.0)

The Process of the Proposed Game

The flow of the proposed game will start on the player. The player will choose if the game is one or two player. If the game for one player only, the player will again choose the difficulty of the artificial intelligent. After that the player will arrange their pieces on the board and battle with the chosen Artificial Intelligent. If the player chose 2 player mode it will then ask for the connection identity of another player that wants to play the game like IP address and port number. And then it will connect the two players into one board game and the players will arrange their pieces and start the game.

In the game the players will input some actions on their mouse actions to move their pieces. The instruction or the command by the player are then handled by the system of the game using program algorithms to provide appropriate events and screen outputs. The computer processes it and shows the output of the given command by the player. In return, the system will provide interactive gaming and fun to all the recipients of the game. This process will continue until the game ends.


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