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Planning: Thesis Writing Tips


This is the third part of thesis writing tips. This part will focus on planning part of your thesis writings. This guide can be also used on your research paper, case study and term paper writings. Follow this and success may come to your works. Good luck on writing!

1.   Set goals and deadlines, including each section. Set goals for each section of the thesis so it does not seem so overwhelming. Once it is broken down into different headings and sub-headings it will not seem such a massive job. This makes you feel like you’re moving along and progressing, which is essential in keeping up your morale.

2.    Leave yourself enough time. It’s during this formalization of your results into a well-organized thesis document capable of withstanding the scrutiny of expert examiners that you discover weaknesses. It’s fixing those weaknesses that take time. Now is when you discover any misunderstandings or shortcomings in the informal agreements. It takes time to fix these. Students for whom English is not the mother tongue may have difficulty in getting ideas across, so that numerous revisions are required. And, truth be known, supervisors are sometimes not quick at reviewing and returning drafts. Bottom line: A rush job has painful consequences at the defense.

3.   Finish early – Aim to finish at least three weeks before the thesis is due: revisions, proofreading, etc., will take way more time than you think.

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