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Difference between Research Paper and Thesis

One of the difference between a thesis and a research paper is that a thesis is a must document written to get or obtain your qualification for your college or academic degree. A thesis is longer than a research paper, and completed by several years. Thesis does not end, it is a continues study. Dissertation is another word for thesis and also associated from post graduate studies. An example of this is the thesis for master’s degree, or a PhD degree.

Research paper is commonly written as a part of a subject. This is only study about phenomenon’s by gathering data and information’s like thesis also. Research paper is also a stepping stone for your thesis. Some of schools and universities use research paper to allow their students to experience how to make their future thesis.

Both thesis and research paper are required to have systematic investigation to complete it. It must use scientific methods to established facts about a certain events or phenomenon’s.  Both of them require demonstration or oral examination of extended academic research and evidences of the capacity for critical analysis.

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