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Chapter 3: Thesis Basic Parts and Format

The title of chapter 3 is the Research Design and Methodology. This parts contains several parts that will help you to continue to your thesis or research writings. This format is not universal, this will only serve as your guide and overview to chapter 3 of your thesis or research writings. This may vary from one school to another, from one course to another. Please ask your thesis or research paper instructor for the whole or full guide for your chapter 3.

You can use this guide for your thesis, case study, research paper and term paper. This is the whole part of chapter 3 that are commonly used and basic parts of chapter 3.

I recommend that you approach your thesis adviser for the format.

Chapter 3: Research Design and Methodology

1. Research Design
2. Sources of Data
3. Instrumentation and Data Collection
4. Tools for data Analysis

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