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Attributes of a good study or thesis

Some thesis does not have strong foundation and not qualified to stand. There are many attributes to help you to make a good thesis. You can follow this guide to have your success in any research that you will make for your own good. Of course you can also use this in your case study, research paper, and term paper to help you make a good school paper works.

Don’t ever try to propose a thesis topic that you do not know and you did not understand. Thesis takes a lot of time to make and cannot finish within 2 to 3 weeks.

Attributes of a Strong thesis:

1. Vague language must be avoided because this statement is not very supportive statement, meaning this is not likely true or you are not sure about what you are saying.

Ex: “It seems”

2. First person language must be avoided; you must use third person statements such as “The proponents”.
Ex: “I” or” In my” must be change to “The proponents” or “The researchers”

3. It must refutes and anticipate any of the counter arguments.

4. Provide your readers a map to guide him/her to your work.

Ex: Table of Contents

5. Get your conclusion based on the evidences and information that you gathered. Be flexible you can always change your thesis that may lead you to a conclusion that you did not expect.

6. Do not discuss everything about your topic, must be specific and focused.

7. Your thesis must be contestable, proposing an arguable point with which people could reasonably disagree. Your thesis must justifies and stand the discussion that you will present.

8. You research must be useful.

Use this attributes to have a strong foundation and to have success in your thesis or in your any school paper works.


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