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Sample IT Innovation: Java Game

This is a sample of I.T Innovation used on undergraduate thesis by a computer science student. In this part of chapter 1 of your thesis writings, you will tell your readers what are the new things or function that they can see on your software or program. Some schools also requires to cite all softwares that you used to complete your program. Please do not copy this sample, this will only guide you to understand what do you need to write on this part of chapter 1 on thesis writings. Also, please follow your thesis advisers advice to prevent any misunderstanding on this part of chapter 1 on your thesis.


Information Technology Innovation

The proponents used different kinds of software to make this study possible. These softwares help the proponents to easily finish the proposed study with the help of their functions.

The proponents used the Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create designs that can attract the future gamer of this game. The Image that are embed on the forms are created on Adobe Photoshop.

The proponents also use the programming language C++. The proponents choose this software because of its different capabilities and this programming language are usually used in different games.

C++ was written by Bjarne Stroutstrup at Bells Labs during 1983-1985. C++ in an extension of C programming language.

With the help of Visual Studio 2008 the form are easily done because of its object oriented programming that being implemented on C++. This is used by the proponents to easily create forms and buttons and them embed the images that are created on Adobe Photoshop are implemented here.

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