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Sample Background of the Study: Java Game

This sample is from thesis entitled “Salpakan”. This was made by a computer science student about the board game “Game of the Generals” they wanted to make a computerized version of this game. This is their sample documentation about the salpakan. Please do not copy this because this is only a sample. You must made your own for your oral defense. Always ask your thesis adviser to check your documentation for further revisions.

If you do not know how to make your background of the study visit this article “How to write Chapter 1 of a thesis” for your guide and reference.


Background of the Study

One of the board games that was released on 19th century was the Game of the Generals. This was invented by Sofronio H. Pasola Jr. in 1970. Game of the Generals or “Salpakan” in filipino is a simple strategy war game that aims to capture the flag of the enemy or conquer his based with the help of flag. This game is designed for two players and a spectator who must decides what piece wins on the game.

The creator of the game came up with the idea on the chess and create something new game about it.

In the game of the generals there must be 3 different people to be able to play the game. Two are the players of the game of the generals and one for the spectator or the arbiter of the game. The role of the players is that to capture the flag of the enemy or put the players flag to the base of the enemy. Each player must have their own strategy to finish or to beat the other player. Only the arbiter can see each two pieces to compare and to see what piece wins that’s make the game more exciting to the players. If the piece is loss it must remove from the play and if the piece wins it is retained.

Figure 1.1

Board of Game of the Generals

In Game of the Generals you can occupy the nine by three side of the board as well as your enemy also (See figure 1.1). Unlike on chess that the pieces have their fix position before the start of the game, game of the general doesn’t have any starting position on the board.  The goal of this is to hide your flag and make a strategy on your side of the board.

In Game of the Generals there are 21 pieces that are composed of 1 five star general, 1 four star general, 1 three star general, 1 two star general, 1 one star general, 1 Colonel, 1 Lt. Colonel, 1 Major, 1 Captain, 11st Lieutenant, 1 2nd Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, 6 Private, 2 Spy and 1 Flag.

Playing Game of the Generals requires board and pieces, this is the one problem of the existing manual system, it lacks of portability, the player always need to carry the board including the pieces to be able to play. Another problem is the spectator or arbiter, the one who compare the pieces and declare who wins on the battle, if players wants to play the Game of the Generals they must find another player who knows how to play the game of the general and knows the rankings of the pieces  which is very disappointing.

The proponents used Monte Carlo Algorithm to the proposed game. Monte Carlo is a randomized algorithm and it runs stochastic means that the answer is differ from run to run because of the element of randomness on it. The proponents used the Monte Carlo algorithm on the Computerized Enemy of the game. The computer must randomly chose a sample on the board and try to move it randomly using the Monte Carlo algorithm.

With this game integrating on the computer it became helpful to anybody who wants to play the game. Combining this game and the computer can help other players to remember this old game. This can help to computerize the old game. With the use of the technology today, with this system the game mechanics to become easier to understand and user friendly.


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