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Sample Background of the Study: Flash Game

“Shape Builder” is the title of this sample background of the study. This was used on undergraduate thesis of computer science student. The plan of the computer science student is to make a flash game with algorithm of the free fall and the tipping point. This will become your guide how to construct an effective background to your study in your thesis, case study, term paper, baby thesis and research paper.


Background of the Study

Puzzle games owe their origins to brain teaser and puzzles throughout human history. Many educational games were created in the early years of game consoles, and created a template for games that involved thinking and strategy without any action or adventure. King of Shapes is a physics puzzler flash game created by Andrey Kovalishin.

In order to fulfill the king’s wishes, the gamer will engage in a gameplay that seamlessly combines the gameplay of stacking games and destruction games. First you must lay down the supplies provided at the top of the screen in such a way that lets you place the subjects above the arbitrary line. Once the king decides you’ve got everything nicely balanced (you have to keep the subject above the line for three seconds), you may now remove wooden blocks in a way that drops the subjects into their appropriate basin. At only 25 levels, none of which are too terribly hard.

In order for users to develop flash applications, a language ideally suited for rapidly building rich Internet applications, which have become an essential part of the web experience is developed – ActionScript. ActionScript is integrated with Flash, the graphics and animation tool. Flash as a standalone graphics and animation engine is a killer graphics maker by itself.

A flash game with ActionScript alone cannot move across the line of the successful games out there. In order to provide an interesting game, a good game interface should be achieved; this would attract gamers to play the game. Adobe Photoshop involves in every computer related career. As a widely used image editor application, you can find graphic designer, photographers, web designers; video and animation specialists and even developers use it regularly in either project. Adobe Photoshop is the best editing software to be used in order to create amazing graphic designs and digital images.

Main algorithms that will be used are: A little free-fall – To determine an object that is falling under the sole influence of gravity. Any object that is being acted upon only by the force of gravity is said to be in a state of free fall; and tipping point – where it determines how far the object can be tipped and when it will fall. The point where an object will fall upon falling is known as its tipping point. The more stable the base of the object the more it is able to tip. Something on a small point that is not very stable can not afford to be tipped as far before the mass will move beyond the tipping point at which stage gravity takes over and it topples.

Figure 1.1

Tipping Point and Free-Fall Sample Diagram

Role-playing games are games to think wide and to embrace once imagination, participating in and creating a whole different world all at once. Role Playing Games, also known as RPGs, can be anything in which a player takes on the character of someone (or something) within the game; in other words, they play a role, while logic and strategy games are great workout for the brain in many ways. Combining those, Shape Builder comes.

Shape Builder is physics-puzzler role-playing flash game that will help players enhance their logical way of thinking and adventurous thoughts. In this game, the player walks around an area and his work is to build something, the player must deliver equipments naturally inside a container that have different kinds of shapes. In an area, the player chooses where to start, those are considered levels. Some levels are locked until a required level is finished. The player’s goal in this game is to place the equipments on the playing field and get them in the delivery vehicle they are destined. First of all, the player must place the objects to keep the equipments above the line. Then remove the same objects to make the equipments fall into the destined delivery vehicle.

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