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Incremental Life Cycle Model

Incremental Life Cycle Model is a software model improved version of Waterfall Model. The first step of the model is to gather all the requirements of the end user (This can be done using Interviews and Questionnaires). After that the proponents must make a prototype or the first design of the software also the coding will fall on this part. Next step is to implement to test the minor and majors error or bugs on the system. The next step is integrating it to another system if there is another system, if none, you can start the stress test and final testing of the system or software. If the system doesn’t meet the requirements it will go to the first step again (It will continue to cycle). The system must pass the evaluation form of the end user.

Incremental Life Cycle Model

Steps of the Incremental Life Cycle Model

1. Requirements

2. Design

3. Implementation of Unit Testing

4. Integration and System Testing

5.  Operation

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