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Parts of a Research Paper

This article will show the real parts or important parts of the research paper. There are 7 common research paper parts. This is list of the most essential parts of the research paper. The common parts of the research paper are the following:

  • Title

This is the most important part because this will contain the subject or the topic that you want to research. You must choose the topic that you know and the topic must argue with the current research to prove something that you want to prove in your research. This must contain the title of the research, the name of the researcher, the date of submission, school and also the department of your subject that you want to submit your research.

  • Abstract

This part must contain a brief discussion of your study. This include some of your background of your topic, this will include also some of your general objectives, statement of the problem, short discussion of your topic, your research design,  your findings, your recommendation and finally your conclusion. Some of instructors give a limit on your abstract like 300 or 200 words only. This is usually the last part of the research.

  • Introduction

There are three main purpose of the introduction. First it must provide motivation and background about the topic. Second it must describe the purpose and focus of your topic or your research paper you are writing. And third it must give an overview on your research.

  • Methods

This section must provide evidences and describe what you did, how you did it, sample calculations, give strategies and diagram about your topic. Your goal in this section is to give some of your readers some information how you did your study for future references and for future updates.

  • Results

In this section you must prove your data and information about your study. You must help your readers to recognize your important points.

  • Conclusion /Discussion

Here you must state your analysis, result and findings. You must also state what you’ve learned or proved in your study. You must also describe interesting observation and some of new question that you’ve made for future researchers and future works.

  • Bibliography/Reference List

This will contain the list of your references that you used in your research.

Now you know the essential parts of the research paper you can now start thinking a topic about your research. You will now know what is the important of each part of the study.


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