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Initial Proposal Guide

Before you proposed your study or thesis you must consider something to your study to become efficient and also to have a good foundation and documentation about your study. Your topic must be a worth answering or not been answered yet. This is only a guide how you can propose or think a study that fit in your group or in you.

This guide mainly focus on thesis but you can also use this guide on your research paper, baby thesis, and term paper and case study. This guide will help to think a topic about your study.

1. Solo or Group

You must consider your group also when proposing a research or thesis topic, because your group can help you in your proposed study or thesis but if you have many members on your group your panels or your professor will have high standards and expectations on your study. Don’t get any stupid or idiot members on the group. Each member must have a part or role on your research or in your study.

2. Know your group capabilities

You must know your group capabilities in different aspects in your study. Simply because this will limit you proposing hard topic that you cannot do and if you don’t follow this rule your study will have weak foundation or else you can fail.

Example: If you are a programmer or a computer related student and you excel in java don’t proposed study that you will used different programming languages. You must focus in the field that you know.

3. Know your resources.

Before proposing your study you must also consider your resources. These resources will help you to easily gather data and information’s that you need. You can also find some information and data in these resources. The first source of data and information is the internet. Remember search engines in your friend. The second source of data and information is the books or go to large libraries.

4. Time limit

Time matters; don’t propose any study that will consume so much time before the deadline of your defense. Be sure you maximize your time by making a chart about the progress of your study. Don’t rush your study because your document will become shit or crap. You must have a good documentation about your study because the panel will search or ask the questions about your documents. You cannot make a thesis a night before submission. Thesis takes so much time to complete.

Your first proposal should contain three topics or sometimes five topics and let your professor choose what topic will be approved. This is the end of pre  or initial proposal guide that will help you to think or choose your topic.

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