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Theoretical Framework of the Existing System: Faculty Loading

In order to make a new system you must know or identify how the existing system works. This is how theoretical framework works on your study, identifies how your existing system works and how does the cycle of your existing system. You cannot make a new system without understanding the cycle or the flow of your existing system.

This sample is used on undergraduate thesis used by Information Technology students entitled “E Faculty Loading”. This is only a sample and may differ from one school to another. So please do not copy.

Theoretical Framework of the Existing System: E Faculty Loading

Theoretical Framework of the Existing System

One of the most noted theoretical frameworks is the Input-Process-Output (IPO) diagram. As its name implies, the diagram identifies the essential components of the system’s input, the processing activities and the resulting outputs. Input refers to the independent variable (IV) that is entered into the system for processing. Output is the dependent variable (DV), which is the result of the processing. Process is the intervening variable (IV) or a coherent sequence of steps that transforms a certain input into a desired output.

The theory behind this system is in the following paradigm.

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