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Significance of the Study: Faculty Loading

Significance of the study is included on thesis because in this part of chapter 1 the proponents will state the beneficiaries of their study. They must enumerate who will benefit on their ongoing study. By identifying these beneficiaries, the panel or the readers will know the important of the study. This is only a sample entitled “E Faculty Loading” used by I.T Students on their undergraduate thesis.


Significance of the Study
The proposed “E Faculty Loading” will serve as a useful tool for the school administrator to minimize the time consumed in the process of loading schedules for the teacher and will prevent redundancy and deficiencies.

The proposed study will be significance to the following:

To the School. Using application software is essential and beneficial for productivity. It lessens the time element for managing and loading of teacher’s schedule.

To the Dean and Program Head. This study will benefit the Dean and Program Head in organizing the faculty schedule.

To the Proponents. It gives them a chance to apply the knowledge they acquire in their years of studying. It also gives them opportunity to enhance and practice their ability and creativity.

To the Future Researchers. This study will serve as a reference and guide to future researcher.

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