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Scope and Limitation: Faculty Loading

In part of chapter 1 the proponents must state the scope and limitation of their study. In this example there are no limitation to set, simply the proponents just state all the scope of the study because there will be so many limitation if the proponents will state it. All the features beyond the scope will become their limitation. This is only a sample of scope and limitation entitled “E Faculty Loading.


Scope and Limitation
The proposed software will organize the loading of faculty schedule that will be taken during the trimester. The Dean and Program Head are the only ones who will have access to the system; they will encode the subjects, time and room available. The system will have registration for the faculty and subjects. The software is password protected. It will store information and data; it has search options and has the ability to generate report.

The proposed system is compatible for machines running on Windows OS only. Subject offering is not included.

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