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Research Design:Faculty Loading

What is research design? This is the way that the proponents used to gather some information about the study. These methods helped them to complete and to finish their proposal. There are different types of research methods. You could search on the net all the research method that may fit to your study. The sample below is used on thesis entitled “E Faculty Loading” the proponents of the study used 3 kinds of research design.

In this chapter the methods of research used are descriptive, creative and library method was discussed.

Research Design: Faculty Loading

Research Design

The researchers used the descriptive research method, library research method and creative research method to have reliable and accurate information.

Descriptive Research Method. It describes what is known about the problem this will indicate the needs of the institution before implementing the proposed software. The proponents come up with this method to know what are the problems may be encountered during the development of the proposed software.

  • Job and Activity Analysis. The proponents were familiarized with the faculty loading through the personal interviews with the college dean and program head that are in-charge of the faculty loading.
  • Library Research Method. The library research method helps the proponents by giving the right methods to serve as the basis in the development of the software. The different paper sources guide the proponents to come out with better result. The proponents found written materials at the AMA University library and Araneta University library.

Internet Research Method. It can provide practically instant information on most topics, and is having a profound impact on the way in which ideas are formed and knowledge is created. Through the use of Internet, the proponents were able to gathered helpful information by reading forums and blogs about the current faculty system.

Creative Research Method. The creative research method will state the advantages of the proposed software by demonstrating how the proposed software will change the existing manual system into a better one. These methods will help the proponents to meet the demands of the users and other beneficiaries.

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