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Related Studies: Faculty Loading

What is related studies? Related studies on chapter II includes past studies that are related to your present study. You can find these on unpublished materials like other research or other thesis. This is necessary to gather more facts and information on previous study that might help you on your ongoing study. This will also help to build more foundation to your study. The sample below is used on thesis entitled “E Faculty Loading”. You could read the sample below to give you more overview or guide on this part of chapter 2.


Related Studies
A study on a report on the Impact of Workload on Teachers and Student’s stated that Teacher’s expressed concern that higher level of frustration and stress due to a lack of assigned time to prepare classes can negatively impact on their interactions with students. The lack of preparation time can also result in classes that are not planned/prepared as well as they could be. Further, when a teacher doesn’t have time to properly assess student work, in a timely fashion, and has little time to provide tutorial classes, remedial work for students who need extra help is often compromised. (Dr. Dibon, 2010)

Having adequate preparation time is a critical factor to a teacher satisfaction. In this Study, the proponents aim to develop an “E Faculty Loading” that will help organize the teachers work load. When teachers are satisfied with the amount of time they had for preparation they were much more positive about their work and profession in general.

Manual system is retrieving, maintaining, security and filling of records consume lot of time and effort. There are some cases wherein misplaced of records are taking place because of the years gone by. Furthermore, these files were only kept in envelope, folder or wooden racks. There are also instances when the right information is given to the wrong person, which may affect quality of service. (M. Cantonas, 2008)

The need for a computerized system is very much essentials to establishments, especially schools. It provide a great help when it comes to organizing and speeding up process of work in offices.

Senior Scheduling System is a powerful tool designed to help create school’s master schedule. The schedule created by the scheduling system can be analyzed, adjusted and rerun an unlimited number of times until the desired results are achieved. The power of Scheduling system will greatly reduce the time it takes to create school’s faculty schedules.(Gordon Smith, 2007)

It is important to have a system or software that is efficient, reliable and can adapt to different environment. Faculty loading done manually is time consuming. In today’s society, the use of modern technology is widely used to conserve time and energy. The use of computerized faculty loading will reduce the time in scheduling a faculty workload.

A school has a limited amount of classrooms, labs, and lecture halls to hold courses in. Many full-time professors have only specialized areas of expertise within which they can teach, and have limits to how many classes they can take on. Courses tend to have differing sizes, room requirements, lengths, credits, and even some restrictions on which other classes cannot be taught at the same time. (Kevin Soule, 2007)

A faculty loading software should have inputs of the faculty information, their field of specialization, as well as the number of students and classroom where the course should take place. Every course that is offered has a set of parameters required to be assigned in order for it to be placed inside a schedule.

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