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Related Literature: Faculty Loading

 What is related literature? This is the mainly question on chapter 2. In this part of chapter 2, you need to find any related literature (ex. books, magazine or any published materials) about your study. This will help to build more foundation and analyze how other people thinks to your study.

This is only a sample of related literature on chapter 2, this is entitled “E Faculty Loading” by I.T. Students.


Chapter 2


The review of related literature and studies serves as a foundation and guide for the proponents to pursue the research. This chapter presents the gathered information that have a significant bearing on the study.

Related Literature

For the past several years, the official of the faculty senate have struggled with defining teaching loads at Gustavus for the purposes of determining overload situation and staffing allocations. Several ad hoc committees have looked into the matter, without resolution. At least since the 1992-1993 school years, the Registrar has tabulated “Faculty Load” data by department, including number of sections (or contact hours) taught full time load (as determined by the department), enrollment, and enrollment per faculty. (C.F. Niederriter, 2007)

Faculty overloading has been a known and documented problem since as long as the 1993 – 1992 school years, this fact adds to the teacher’s work burden as well as their availability for fruitful interaction with the students. Our proposed software will alleviate this burden and allows the teacher more time teaching and interacting with the student. This will allow the teacher to feel more job satisfaction as well giving the student the feeling of a more personalized education within the system.

Open standards Appointment Scheduling System is primarily designed for Institutions of Higher Education (IHE), but can easily being corporates into web solutions for a variety of business lines. The core functionality of the system allows designating faculty and staff to set schedule of availability and designate individuals enter the system and schedule appointments as needed with the faculty and staff. (Graysail, 2008)

Software with automatic scheduling for teachers workload that can be easily access by faculty members will be handy to everyone. While teachers expressed concern for their own workload, they expressed considerable concern that student’s needs were not being met. Teachers also expressed concerns with the exorbitant amount of paperwork associated with the documentation process. It’s time consuming. The proponent’s believed that the proposed study will lessen the time consumed when scheduling a faculty workload.

The faculty of the college should be well versed with all the technological developments related to the field. They should be able to answer the queries of the students with examples and references of the developments happening in the society. (Gurleen Kaur, 2010)

Faculty scheduler should be efficient enough to load the right subjects to the right faculty according to their field of specialization. The students get highly influenced by the teachers in the college and the lessons taught by them. Teachers are also regarded as the mentors for the students, because their teachings learnt by them guide the students.

In an article entitled “The measurement of faculty workload”, it is said that before a measurement procedure can be decided upon, it is necessary to define what is being measured. To measure faculty workload, we need to know which activities are to be included in and which excluded. (Earley Peter,2008)

To achieved a conflict and problem free schedule among the faculty. A system should have inputs of information based on the availability and capability of the faculty. Avoiding conflict among schedules and work expertise will produce a harmonious relationship between the administrator, faculty and students as well.

In the book Essentials of research and Thesis Writing, it is said that Computerization is means of simplifying production speed and accuracy for the work elements associated with the mass production. Technology has many available to user devices that can see a better and mechanism are more, more powerful, more precise, more consistent and fully more predictable, unlike human workers. They do not complain of human workers, they do not retain productivity. (F. Bernardo, 2010)

Computers and other technologies play a vital role in the life of many people. It changed the lifestyle of many individual and the way people do their job. Computers are used to remove excessive delays or improve the flow of information.

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