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Methods used for Product Evaluation: Faculty Loading

In this part of chapter 3 in thesis, the proponents must discussed what are the criteria that they will used to evaluate their proposed software or study. These criteria will help to determine if the problems on existing system are solved. If their proposed software doesn’t meet the requirements of the user, the proponents must again reconstruct or enhance their study. The proponents can conduct interview and questionnaires again.

Methods used for Product Evaluation: Faculty Loading

Methods used for Product Evaluation

Operational Feasibility. The operational feasibility of the proposed software could be established and prove with the help and use of evaluation form. Data from the evaluation is statistically treated and its criteria are as follows:

Accuracy. The ability of the system to produce correct,exact and precise information to the user.
Efficiency. The capacity of the system to produce desired result with minimum expenditures of energy, time and money.
Reliability. The ability of the system to perform company’s designed tasks well, dependable and in good quality and function.
Conciseness. The ability of the system to give necessary information to the user.
User Friendly. By users, which people can employ a particular tool or other human-made object in order to achieve a particular goal.

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