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Method Used in Developing the System: Faculty Loading

The proponents must state all the steps that they made in order to complete their study. This part will depend on the model you used on your study. In every step on the model that you made you must state clearly how this step helped you or what do you do on that step. The model that the proponents used on the sample is the Incremental Life Cycle Model that can be found here.

Method Used in Developing the System: Faculty Loading

Method Used in Developing the System

In this section the methods used in software design and development willb be enumerated. The proponents will itemize and discuss the several techniques used in developing the system. This enable the proponent’s to conduct a successful software developing testing. This part will show the process in creating the appropriate order of the proposed system.

Requirements Analysis and Definition. Requirements are set of functionalities and constraints that the end-user expects from the system. All possible requirements of the system were determined in this phase. These requirements and other related information were gathered via personal interviews. The requirement specifications served as a guideline for the next phase of the model.

System Design. This commenced before the actual coding. It is vital that the systems general form is previewed. The requirement specification from the previous stage was studied and then the system design preparation commenced. This phase helped in specifying hardware and software requirements and in defining the overall system architecture. The system design specifications served as guideline for the next phase of the model.

Implementation and Unit Testing. The actual coding was started upon reception of the system design requirements from the previous phase. The system was initially developed in small program units which were integrated in the succeeding phase. Each individual unit was developed and tested for its functionality.

Integration and System Testing. After successful modular testing, the modules were combined as a complete system during the integration phase. This serves to check if all units coordinate well with each other as expected from their requirements and if the system as a whole provides the desire result.

Operations and Maintenance. This was the final phase of the software development life cycle. More problems and other issues typically manifest after the first practical use of the system. Therefore, these issues were solved after the deployment of the system. Not all problems are determined and solved immediately and more arise from time to time and thus will need to be solved. This is the maintenance part of the process.

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