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Justification of Model Used: Faculty Loading

Justification of Model Used is on chapter 3 of the thesis. In this part of chapter 3 you will discuss why you chose your software development model. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your model? Panelist will ask if your model is appropriate to your study. There are a lot of models that can be used but the proponents used this Incremental Life Cycle model, an improved version of waterfall model.

Justification of Model Used: Faculty Loading

Justification of the Model Used.

The proponents used the Incremental Model. It is an intuitive approach to the waterfall model. Multiple development cycles take place here, making the life cycle a series of waterfalls. Cycles are modularized into smaller, more easily- manageable iterations. Each iteration passes through the requirements, design, implementation and testing phases. Only after a stage is completed can the next stage begin.

The proponents choose this model because of its advantages. A working version of the software was produced during the first iteration, so working software was available early during the software life cycle. An easily managed milestone was produce in each iteration. It was also more flexible and easier to test and debug. This model combined the elements of the waterfall model with the iterative philosophy of prototyping.

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