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Faculty Loading: Rationale

This is a sample of Rationale on chapter 1 of thesis, this may not be universal but can be useful to other student who doesnt know how to construct this part of chapter 1. This thesis entitled “E Faculty Loading”. This is made I.T. Student to acquire their college degree.  To explain this part of chapter 1 clearer, just answer the question “Why did you chose this topic as your study?” your answer will serve as the rationale on your study. But this format or content is not universal, the proponents must always approach their thesis advisers for clearer guide and for the format that your school follows.Please do not copy this sample. This will be only serve as guide for other students.


As technology grows, so do the demands for better services. The primary reason why the proponents pursue this study is to provide “E Faculty Loading” software that will provide the proponent the best chance to apply the knowledge they learn in their years of studying. It also gives them opportunities to enhance and practice their ability and creativity. The proposed software will organize the faculty schedule.

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