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Objectives of the Study: Faculty Loading

This is sample Objectives of the Study of undergraduate thesis of IT Students entitled “E Faculty Loading”. This part is divided into 2 more parts, the General and Specific objectives. The general objective of the proponents is to make or create their faculty loading software.

The general objective is too broad, so the proponents divided it step by step to accomplish their study. In order to get the accurate objectives, the proponents used questionnaires, evaluation forms and the proponents even conduct interviews to specific targeted peoples.


Objectives of the Study
The study aims to achieve the following general and specific objectives;

General Objective. The proponents aim is to develop the proposedsoftware entitled, “E Faculty Loading”.

Specific Objectives. In order to achieve the general objective, this study would seek the following specific objectives:

1. To analyze how the existing system operates;
2. To identify the problems encountered in the current system;
3. To develop the “E Faculty Loading” software and;
4. To determine that the proposed software is technically andoperationally feasible for implementation.

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