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Faculty Loading: Introduction

This is a sample of thesis short introduction on chapter 1. This was entitled “E Faculty Loading” basically this system enables schools to have a generic faculty loading system for teachers and professors. The administrator needs to encode the subjects and register all the faculty members and allow faculty members to chose what subject they want to take according to their specialty. In this part of chapter 1, Introduction basically the overview of your topic. Describe your topic slightly. Your goal is to enlighten the reader of your thesis about your even without seeing your title page.


Chapter 1


Scheduling is the allotment of resources over a time period in order to perform tasks. Course scheduling is an important and tricky scheduling problem for school administrators wherein the tasks to be scheduled are course or subject offerings.  Resources include instructors, classrooms and the students and all of these must be efficiently and carefully matched for optimum utilization.

Out of all the factors in a college, teacher is a person, who plays the major role in framing the career of the student. The students get highly influenced by the teachers in the college and the lessons taught by them. Teachers are also regarded as the mentors for the students, because their teachings learnt by them guide the students, throughout their life. Faculty for the colleges are selected on the basis of their qualification and the expertise, they have in their respected fields. For the past years, student population continuously increases yet processes are still done manually. One is the process of faculty loading. Faculty loading is the distribution of workloads among faculty member which is a task that requires planning. The preparation of class schedules and faculty loading are done by every department manually which are subjected to human errors. With these, the proponents came up with this study in order to create software entitled “E Faculty Loading” for the loading of faculty member’s schedules .

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