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Faculty Loading: IT Innovation

Information Technology Innovation of undergraduate thesis. This is a simple guide how you could make a good and effective I.T Innovation. On this chapter the proponents must state what is the new “technology” or “function” that your study can do. In some school the proponents must state the tools that they used to finished their study. Remember this is only a sample I.T. Innovation, this is not perfect. The best thing that you could do is to always approach your thesis adviser.


IT Innovation
In today’s generation, technology plays a vital role in our society. The computer technology changes the way we communicate. Most schools and universities adopt a system and software that help them in managing the school operations. The proposed software entitled “E Faculty Loading” will arrange the record of the faculty; it will keep the record to make it secured at all time. The technologies used in developing the software are programming languages such as Visual and MySQL; the proponents also use Photoshop in creating the graphics for the software.

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