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Conceptual Framework of the Proposed Software: Faculty Loading

After you have gathered enough data about your existing system on your theoretical framework it’s now time to conceptualize your study. This is a conceptual framework of the proposed system of Information Technology Student so it will focus on their software. This conceptual framework will guide them how to finish their software. The main flow of the system will be conceptualize and analyze in this part of chapter 1. The objectives and scope of your study must be covered here. This is entitled “E Faculty Loading”.

Conceptual Framework of the Proposed Software: Faculty Loading

Conceptual Framework of the Proposed Software

The Conceptual Framework of this study is based on the proposed system concept. A proposed system consists of the input, the processing and the output. In this study, the input refers to the subject to be offered, curricular programs, time schedule, and major field of instructor to handle the subject. Process converts input into outputs. The process in this study is the preparation of matrix of faculty workload.

The output, which is the expected result of the process, includes the final schedule and final faculty teaching load.

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