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Analytical Tools: Faculty Loading

In this part of chapter 3 called Analytical tools the proponents must state what are the tools that they used to complete the study, there are several tools like Case Diagram, Class Diagram, Ishikawa Diagram and many other more. The proponents must choose what tools or diagram can fit to their study. Below is a sample of analytical tools in chapter 3 used on thesis entitled “E Faculty Loading”.

Analytical Tools: Faculty Loading

Analytical Tools

The following analytical tools used by the researchers to discuss information flows of the present and the proposed software for analysis and development of the system.

Visual Table of Contents (VTOC). Show the hierarchy of the level of details from top to bottom proving from general to specific it provides a map that allows the reader. (See Appendix D)

Input-Process-Output (IPO). This shows the representation of the process of the graph visual table of contents. This diagram was used to represent the input, process and output. The proponent adopted this tool to analyze the existing system. (See Appendix E)

Class Diagram. It shows the outcome of process rendered in a computer program. This would provide an illustration of the movement of the data and process that are included. (See Appendix F)

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