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What is Essay?

Essay is a short piece of writing usually often focuses on author’s point of view. There are various elements that essay may consist this include:  learned arguments, political manifestos, literary criticism, experiences, reflections, recollections and observation on daily life of the author of the essay. Many of the essays are written in prose.

What is Prose?

Prose:  This is a form of written language, applying ordinary grammatical structure to the sentences, and natural flow of speech rather than rhythmic structure like on poetry.  Prose came from the word prosa which means straight-forward.

In most of the countries, essays always have a big role on formal educations. They implemented essays as early as possible to enhance the writing skills of a student. Some of the secondary schools and universities have a separated subject that will teach them how to make essays to improve their grammar and writing skills.

Essays are not limited to writing skills, there are many various types of essays used today, and some of this is film essays which use film making style to document certain evolution of ideas. Another is the photographic essay that uses some series of photograph to link the topic of the essay.


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