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Related Literature: Sample

This is a sample of related literature used in a case study entitled “Comparison and Contrast of Object Oriented Programming between Visual Basic 6 and Java Netbeans”. This will help you to make your related literature. Please use this as your reference or guide to make your own. Do not copy this! Please ensure that you make your own related literature that are connected to your topic. This is only overview how can you construct your own chapter II. This is a sample only and not universal please ask your thesis adviser for the format that they follow. This guide can be also applied on case study, thesis, research paper, and term paper.

Please go to this article if you do not know how to construct your own Related Literature. This article entitled “How to write chapter 2 of a thesis“.


Related Literature

This section presents the writing of different personalities conducted by the proponents during their research, which have relevant to the present study. It involves quotation of the author of the books and reference materials that may serve as the basis for sorting out and solving some problems that may be encountered in the development of the proposed study.


This portion presents a review of several literatures that would be beneficial to the study summarized from previous writings, showing detailed facts asserted by few people and pioneer in the field of computer industry. On this element of study some reviews of the proponents and author’s passage in order to help the proponents to find ways in contact with the problem that have been encountered.

Computers have an important role in today’s society. Almost all people are computer literate, even children and the handicapped have no problem with using computers. There are a lot of benefits that we could get from a computer, it would not require so much human effort in doing work and it provides easy access in getting information and makes our work presentable. This was proved in the magazine article of Frein Dickinson entitled “Computer and Man”.

“ As well as the computer has good quality, as skilled teacher , the one who writes computer program will successfully attain his goal to present information rather than to write papers and in books. Computers have become well established in society and they are continuing to multiply up to the end.”

Computers are very flexible in terms of each usability.  Silverman and Turkey stated in their book “Computer Language”, that: “Computers have important impact in our daily work and leisure activities. In an increasing number of situations, the computer is a visible component of activities like engineering, manufacturing, scientific, business and other activities.”

The researcher believed that the existence of computer is great of turning point to mankind’s social, intellectual and physical aspect. It does not only cater to those involve in a big business firm, but also to the little entrepreneurs who are really willing to put everything a systematic way of managing from a very simple paper work for the monitoring of their customers’ needs.


Human life in its present form would be impossible without the use language computer have become an integral part of our society today. According to Morales and Salisi  (1991).

“Computer now can be regarded as an important facility to man. The computer can be considered as an enchantment of textbooks. One can learn and at the same time enjoy doing so because the multimedia features of the computer capture his interest.”

A programmer is very artistic in finding ways to share their knowledge to other s. We all knew that online application requires computer to function and the reason why computer is essential according to Lopez (1990).

“A computer is a tool used by humans in problem solving process, rather than problem solving itself. Computers extend human capabilities due to the following attribute: speed of operation, time and processing, and memory capacity and consistency and cost effectiveness and many applications.”

Most programmers seek ways how they will able to share their knowledge in computer application. And latest computer application today is commonly related about learning and especially how to communicate well because we all know that having good communication skills are the best tool for better future.


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