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Introduction: Sample

This is only a sample introduction. This introduction was used on a case study of a Computer Science student entitled “Comparison and Contrast of Object Oriented Programming between Java Netbeans and Visual Basic 6″. Please use this only as your reference or guide and do not copy the whole thing! You must learn how to make your own introduction to be able to defend it when you are in oral defense. If you need guide about chapter 1 please use this How to write chapter 1 of a Thesis. This will serve as your overview for this part of chapter 1. Remember that hard work can pay you off. You need to write your introduction because case study is your stepping stone to your thesis.



Programmers have undergone a major change in many years of programming various machines. In order a programmer to do a well done application they used different programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++, Java, and many more. When you are a beginner programmer you may find programming difficult because you don’t have enough knowledge in programming languages but if you learn this thing you may find it easy.

The study seeks to experiment the comparison and contrast between two programming languages in terms of Object Oriented Programming. The two programming languages are Visual Basic 6.0 and JAVA (NetBeans). Programming language has different capabilities when it comes to object oriented programming but most programming languages today is more on object oriented basis because they find it easier. Visual Basic and JAVA (Netbeans) are two of the most commonly used programming languages in the industry today and studying their differences in terms of object oriented programming will help us choose which of the is more applicable to use when doing an object oriented program.

One characteristic of JAVA is portability, which means that computer programs written in the java language must run similarly on any supported hardware/operating system flat form.

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