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Conclusion: Sample

This is a sample conclusion on chapter 5 which is entitled “Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation”. This conclusion was used on a case study entitled “Comparison and Contrast of Object Oriented Programming between Visual Basic 6.0 and Java Netbeans”. This will serve as your overview and reference on this part of chapter 5. Please do not ever try to copy this. You must make your own conclusion according to your topic and study. If you make your own conclusion you can sure pass and defend it on your oral defense.

You can use this reference and overview on thesis, research paper and term paper also. If you do not know how to write the basic chapter 5 please browse to this website to find the guide. After you read it I know that you have now an idea how to construct your own conclusion.



The proponents conclude that the proposed study is accurate flexible and efficient. The proponents achieved their objectives in this study. The proponents conclude that Visual Basic 6.0 and JAVA (NetBeans) has different capabilities when creating a program. Visual Basic 6.0 is more useful to those programmers who create the program with time pressure, And Visual Basic 6.0 is a event driven strictly so the developer or programmer focuses only to the events of GUI component. While Netbeans is flexible, because one characteristics of JAVA is portability, which means that computer programs written in the java language must run similarly on any supported hardware/operating system flat form and through that you can enhance your programs in the future without further hassles. JAVA (Netbeans) has inheritance called extends while Visual Basic 6.0 has also inheritance but it under the method. In terms of their encapsulation both programming languages has methods and functions. And in terms of their abstraction, they are the same, but in Visual Basic 6.0 are limited.

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