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Chapter III: Sample

This is a sample of Chapter III: Research Design and Methodology. This sample is used on a case study entitled “Comparison and Contrast of Object Oriented Programming between Visual Basic 6 and Java Netbeans”. This will serve as your guide and overview on this chapter. Chapter III is the easiest part of the thesis writing because you will just tell what happen to your research when using different kinds of research methods. You can use this guide for your thesis, case study, research paper and term paper. Please do not copy, you must make your own chapter 3 of your study that are related to your topic.

If you do not know how to construct your own chapter 3 please consider this guide entitled “How to write chapter 3 of a thesis“.


Chapter III: Research Design and Methodology


One of the most important responsibilities of the proponent was to build a firm foundation of knowledge for the study. Selecting the methods in determining the feasibility of the study is also very important as to have a concrete basis on the findings gathered from the study. The proponent’s main concern is to provide studies that help many to have a better understand to a particular programming language, for the convenience of the target users. In this chapter the components will tackle the different methods and procedure that is needed to develop the proposed system. Together with the research method, data gathering instruments such as Observation, Questionnaire and evaluation are conducted to meet the standard of the people concerned.

Research Population

There were one hundred (10) respondents whom the researchers asked to gather information.  The students were from AMA Computer University who would be the beneficiaries of the proposed system. School Personnel from the said university were also asked to be the respondents for they have experienced how the existing system works.

Research Setting

The research was conducted in the grounds of AMA Computer University located in Project 8, Quezon City. The proposed study which would enhance the existing system would be implemented at the said University.

Research Design

The researchers seek to find related information regarding the methods of research in order to create and develop the proposed study. The said methods helped and guided the researchers in creating and developing the proposed system. It contains of different king of ideas that surely benefits both the researcher and the user.

Method of Research Used

The research used everyday life skills for research, this are reading, watching, choosing, questioning, summarizing, organizing, writing and presentation. However, the following methods are used to properly design, carry out and analyze the result of research.

There are different types of research methods that the researcher used in order to accomplish this study such as Descriptive, Creative, Prognostic and Library Research Method. These methods of research were of great help to the researchers when it comes to data gathering for the easy completion of the proposed system.

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