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Sample Related Studies: Visual Basic and Java

“Comparison and Contrast of sorting algorithm between Visual and Java (Netbeans)” is the title of this sample related studies. This was used on a CASE STUDY by a computer science student. They are comparing how sorting algorithm works on these programming languages. This study was conducted last 2010 as a partial requirements on a subject before undergoing to their thesis. This will be your guide and overview to know what do you need to include in your chapter 2 related studies. Please do not copy you need to make your own that will fit and related to your topic.


Related Studies

The proponents primarily choose the topic because of the abundant resources around us, and resources are one of the most important factors to consider before conducting a research or study. The researcher were able to found out that there are a lot of studies before that is related to the one presented now.

According to Arnold Arceo in his research algorithm is an effective method for solving a problem expressed as a finite sequence of instructions. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and many other fields.

In the past years, different programming languages have been discovered and developed overlapping one another. As different programming languages are made and used, programmers increased as well and with the knowledge of being a programmer, they try to create another programming language, most often, a better one. That’s how programming languages increase in numbers and that’s how programmers increased as well. To be able to obtain users, programmers tend to make programming languages that is fundamentally-developed because developers know that beginner or amateur programmers tend to find program languages with comfortable programming fundamentals easy to learn.

They are finding the best way to maximize their programs, like sorting algorithm which arrange data to maximize its searching method.

Visual Basic.NET is a programming language in which we code what’s inside the box, meaning it offers “drag and drop” activities in which programmers, beginners or even amateurs will have fun and easily get how it works. In Visual Basic.NET just like what is mentioned, offers the automatic GUI’s. That means the programmer won’t need to write specific codes in order for buttons, forms, and other objects to appear.

Students get at least fleeting exposure to multiple languages, which is an important educational attribute that is being crushed by the wide adoption of industrially fashionable languages. (Better still, by experimenting widely, they may come to appreciate that industrial fashions are just that, not the last word in technological progress.) This is an information in a research entitled “Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation” by Luigi Tumaque. (2007, pg. 19)

Students, as well as programmers is being exposed in the world of programming languages wherein if they want to learn programming, they are obliged to learn at least one programming language that they think they’ll fit they knowledge in. But because of the focus in certain languages, depending on fame and success, programmers nowadays have forgotten the essentials of other programming languages. The researchers believed that if only programmers nowadays are open for new ideas and is ready for experiments, everyone will somehow see and appreciate and be able to specifically choose what programming languages around them they want to study.

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