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Sample Introduction: Visual Basic and Java

This is a sample of introduction. This introduction was used on a CASE STUDY entitled “Comparison and Contrast of sorting algorithm between Visual and Java (Netbeans)”. Please do not copy. This will give you an idea how to make your own introduction.

You need to make your own to order to defend it. This is only sample. Note: This sample is not perfect but it could help you to build more stronger introduction.



For many years, programmers are finding ways to improve the quality of their programs. They are searching for the better algorithm to maximize their made application and minimize the consumption of computer memory. They undergo in many changes while searching for the better way to maximize their application. They found out the sorting algorithm which allows them to arrange the data of their program in different types of manner such as ascending and descending order. This will allow the program to easily find the data that is searched because the data is arranged by manner.

The study focuses on the comparison and contrast between the two latest and two most popular programming languages which is Java (NetBeans) and Visual Basic.Net in terms bubble sort sorting algorithm. Programming languages have their own advantages and disadvantages as well as their capabilities. When the user uses programming languages he must know their strength and weaknesses. He must improve or develop the weaknesses or disadvantages of the programming languages as well as their strength and advantages.

The researcher will study the sorting algorithm, the bubble sort to help us to choose and decide which is more convenient and better to use in terms of sorting algorithms in programming between the Visual Basic.Net and Java (NetBeans). We also must consider other environment effect such as hardware, time complexity and the memory usage of the said programming languages to evaluate what is better between to those two programming languages.

Sample Background of the Study:Visual Basic and Java

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