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Sample Background of the Study: Visual Basic and Java

This is a sample of background of the study in chapter 1. This was used on a CASE STUDY entitled “Comparison and Contrast of sorting algorithm between Visual and Java (Netbeans)”. This will help you to see what is the content on the background of the study. Please do not copy. You need to make your own to learn in writings. Remember that practice makes perfect.


Background of the Study

Programming languages have different advantages and disadvantages. Like Visual basic.Net it makes beginners and amateurs speed up learning on how to program applications that can be used in the development in business industries.

A Java (NetBeans) is a programming language derives much of its syntax from C and C++ but has a simpler object model. Java (Netbeans) applications can run on any Java Virtual Machine regardless of computer architecture while Visual Basic was derived from basic and enables the rapid application development of graphical user interface application. About the portability, Java(NetBeans) has far away lead than Visual Basic.Net because of the fact that Java programs can run anywhere with Java virtual machine with “write once, run anywhere” while Visual Basic.Net suffers from portability issue because some of the programs that created thru Visual basic.Net and only runs on Microsoft created operating system.

Also, Visual Basic .NET and Java (NetBeans) have error handling that automatically underlines the wrong coding or syntax of the program and both they have Intellisense that will guide the programmers what the next code and syntax can be used.

Many programmers still arguing about the two programming languages, the Java (NetBeans) and the Visual Basic.Net they want to know which is better. This is never ending debate between programmers who used visual basic and java as their main programming language.

Programmers also created Sorting algorithm to maximize their program. Sorting algorithm arranged data or elements. This can be done into different types of manner such as descending and ascending to maximize the search time. Some application need to sort some data for faster output for the end user, this will help minimize the cpu load of the program. If done right, it can save as much as 60% of cpu usage of the program

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