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Sample Observation

Observation is also a part of Appendix, this is mainly focus on the visual part of the proponents to the existing system. The proponents will just observe what are the common problems that the user experienced when they are using the old system. This can be source of your objectives of the study. This was only used on a CASE STUDY entitled “Drum Simulator”.



The proponents observed on the manual existing system that there are several problems occur on the system. This will help the proponents to gather more facts about the proposed study and to improve the existing manual system. This will gather more facts and reliable information about the said study.

  1. The first problem that the proponents observed is the instruments itself, this make the instruments too bulky and lacks of portability. Means that, you cannot always play sounds when the user wants.
  2. Second problem that the proponents observed is the physical aspects of the instruments. The user needs energy to play the instruments and exhaust the instruments player. Thus, making the instruments not physical friendly.

The proponents also observed how the existing manual system works and studied it for accurate outputs that will be presented on the study.

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