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Observation Sample: Java Game

This is a sample observation used on a thesis entitled “Salpakan”. This is a thesis of a computer science student. This is a part of appendices on thesis. As you can see this is an observation about the existing manual system that the proponents has been observed.

You can used this as your guide to make your own observation that can relate to your study. Please do not copy this. This is only a sample. This will be your overview and guide to make your own. Again do not copy this because this is not related to your study!



There are many existing problems that the proponents observed during the observation. These problems are encountered by the player while, before, and after playing game\ of the generals. Some of these problems are the following:

    1. The first problem that the proponents observed is the board itself. It is too bulky and lacks of portability. The problem is the player needs to carry always the board in able to play game of the general.
  • Pieces instability is another problem in the existing manual system of game of the generals. The problem is the pieces will moved if you just tap or move the board. This will make difficulty for the gamers to hide their pieces to the opposing player.
  • Another problem is the player. Of course the players cannot play game of the generals alone. The player must find another player to battle with.
  • The arbiter or the spectator. The players cannot start the game with the arbiter and the arbiter must know the all pieces to be able to judge the piece who will win.


These are the common problem that the proponents observed during the observation. The problems are now identified and gather. The proponents study will help to minimize or eliminate the problem to the future users of the proposed game.

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